What Have I Done…

These are the words I said to my self as I walked across the stage to receive my diploma. I had spent 6 years in school, had no resume, and few salable skills. Damn Liberal Arts!! I had a problem. So I did what all good grads do: I started job hunting, and like so many others, found myself looking at coffee shop jobs and manual labor; the same crap that made me go to school in the first place.

It was depressing, but then one night I remembered something, or someone rather. I had met a young woman from New Zealand who was traveling around Vietnam at the same time I was. She was an ESL teacher in Thailand at the time, and after hearing about the many perks of her job, I was left in disbelief. It almost sounded too good to be true.

Like me, she had a Bachelors degree in some obscure liberal arts field, and had found work teaching in Asia fairly easily. She told me that she had good hours, health care, and was able to afford trips to Vietnam and other rad places. I decided that maybe I should get in touch with her and see how it was all going. As it turned out she was still teaching and loving it. She gave me some information to get me started and I was on my way.

Mallory and I looked at teaching in a few different countries. China seemed like a big no. I had been to Thailand, but wasn’t too interested in living there. In the end it came down to Taiwan or Korea. We ended up choosing Taiwan based on recommendations from friends and the fact that it doesn’t snow there in the winter. We started the hiring process in May and were on our way to Taiwan by August.

We have learned a bit since then, and we will try to share everything from working abroad and getting along in a new culture, to where to find the best dumpling shop and the real rules to mahjong. We hope that you’ll be able to take away from our experiences.


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