Taiwan-a-saurus Rex

One of my favorite things to do is to get on my bike and cruise. I love the exercise and biking affords me the opportunity to take unusual routes. By going off the beaten path I’m able to discover my neighborhood and my city at large.

Yilan is a “small” city in Taiwan. For a city of about 29,000 it is very spread out. There are sprawling rice patties all around and large swaths of area devoted for tea growing in the mountains. The downtown areas are full of bustling markets and winding alleys. By cycling (no pun intended) I have found out way more about my city than I would by driving or taking public transport (plus the Yilan bus is a little worthless).


3 thoughts on “Taiwan-a-saurus Rex

  1. i’m all caught up now! i’ve read all the posts and watched the videos. way better than catching up on some tv show. you guys are great writers and this travel blog is the best. if you ever want an oregon postcard let me know.

  2. I’m so glad you like it. We miss Oregon and all y’all too. Are you back on the good coast I hear you were out East for a bit?

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