Who You Callin’ Shrimp?

Has this ever happened to you? Your friend says, “what should we do.”

You respond, “Let’s hit the bar.”

He says, “Naw, let’s go clubin’.”

And then… “I know lets go shrimp fishing!!”

Well it happened to me. Shrimp fishing is exactly what it sounds like, catching shrimp. But it is so much more than that.

My friend Steve called me and asked if I wanted to go try it out. I didn’t have anything else going on and thought it might be a little fun, to my delight it was a shit load of fun. Five of us drove to Jiaoxi, a nearby, town famous for its hot springs.

We pulled into the parking lot adjacent to rice patties. If you can imagine an empty warehouse building with several concrete pools inside, you have a pretty good visual. We paid our NT$700 for a couple of hours, bait and “fishing poles.” I say “fishing” poles because it was really just a stick with a string on it.


We got set up at the big daddy tank i.e. adult male shrimp. After a few minutes we were catching shrimp left and right. When we thinned out the pool enough the owner would come over and restock it. By the time we had finished 20 beers and a bottle of Whisbi we had about 20 jumbo shrimp in our nets and our time wasup.


That’s not the end of shrimp fishing though. After you catch ‘em you cook ‘em. While the designated driver cooked for us Steve and our other friend Stephen got friendly with the owner and his pals.


Things got a little fuzzy for me after we taught our new Taiwanese friends how to shot gun beer. I do remember eating a lot of shrimp, getting invited boar hunting and speaking the worst Chinese of my life.

Shrimp fishing is amazing, but make sure you have a DD and nothing to do the next day.



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