Super Human Strength

I always thought Superman was kind of a wimp. He has laser eyes, he can fly, bullets bounce off his skin, he can stop speeding freight trains, but every time he gets in a fight he loses for the first two thirds of it. Granted, he’s allergic to a green rock and he fights pretty tough dudes, but C’MON! You’re a SUPER MAN. Now I don’t have x-ray vision, but I think I may be a little super human. This is a recent development. I have always tried to take care of my self. I keep a healthy diet (save for all the beer), I exercise and I can shake a cold in a day or so. My whole self-image was shaken though when I came to live in Taiwan.  

When we arrived we were warned that we would get sick. I shrugged this off and thought, “not me, baby.” Guess what? I got sick. I’m not only living in a new part of the world with a crazy new climate, I also teach kindergarten. Children are bacterial mine fields. I regularly catch myself diving for cover when a kid sneezes at me. However, the combination of strange new microbes and booger eating kids has in effect juiced my immune system.

After being here for 8 months I think I could take a normally lethal dose of sewage in the face and be ok (it would still be gross). I still look out for the haphazard ejection of spit and snot by little kids and frequently wash my hands through out the day, but my immune system is on point.

I’ve been sick a hand full of times since I’ve been here, primarily in the first three or four months. Now that I’ve had a taste of the Asian flu I can take anything. So my advice for would be teachers is drink OJ, take vitamin C and look out for coughs, sneezes and puke…seriously, look out for puke.


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