Taiwanese Customs

Oh, cheese how I love thee.

Oh, Beer I wish you were here.

Pizza you’re hard to rhyme,

But I want you all the time.

If you are planning on spending a significant amount of time away from your home country you will inevitably start to miss things. One friend was going through salt and vinegar chip withdrawal within a week of getting here. Another friend lamented daily about his desire for a Bic lighter. I personally miss IPAs and blue cheese most of all.

I am here to tell you though that there is a way out, at least for your first month or so. Bring it with you!!!! Mal and I anticipated our impending cravings and brought six bottles of Portland, Oregon micro brew, and 2 lbs. of Tillamook extra sharp white cheddar.

This however is not strictly legal. Like any other place you have to pay duty on products brought into the country and some things aren’t allowed in at all. Knowing this, we were prepared to hand it all over when we went through customs. After all, that is really the worst that’ll happen, but to our great surprise and relief when we stood in the line to declare luggage the airline attendant gave us a look of contempt that told us, in essence, to go away. Why would we waste his valuable time when he could be napping?

Because of the amazing Taiwanese customs we were able to import the most precious cargo we had. The cheese lasted about two weeks, and as of now we have one beer left, which we have been hoarding for the past 5 months or so. We’ve been waiting for a good occasion; it’s kind of a big deal.


Don’t misinterpret what I’ve said. Taiwan is hardly an alien nation where cheese and beer don’t exist. The real issue is cost. You can get just about anything you can get in the states or western Europe, there’s just a narrower selection and it’ll cost you a whole lot more. My advice: pack yourself a care package, and save it for a rainy day when you really need a Reese’s peanut butter cup (you really can’t get those here).


One thought on “Taiwanese Customs

  1. When you get to Oceanside I will have plenty of Kraft (in honor of your Uncle Billy) Extra Sharp Cheddar. I will look for Tilamuck next time I shop. Love these posts and both of you

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