Next Adventure

“Oh, yeah. We have a flight to LA in August; then we are going to ride our bikes back to Portland, and then go from there,” I casually respond anytime someone asks me what our plans are upon returning to America. We’ve been scheming about this trip for at least 3 months now, though it seems like more; and it has been something to look forward to, but definitely not high on my list of thought-priorities. I’m normally thinking more about food, or how to control whacked out Taiwanese children. This morning was different, though. Something caused a brain-switch to go off, and I started realizing that I really am doing this, and I may or may not be completely insane.

Coming to Taiwan was a huge step. Moving to a country where you don’t know the language is pretty terrifying. I had never taught before. Tim and I lived together before, but never alone-together like we were when we first got here. We didn’t have our big network of friends anymore, just each other. There were so many things to be unsure about, but for the most part I just chose not to consider them.

I think this angle is necessary when taking these types of giant leaps that make little sense. It has definitely been my approach with our bike trip. I am so excited about the idea of being on a bicycle and camping for 2 months, that I haven’t thought much about actually being on a 2-month-long bike trip. The concept is so romantic and dreamy; my mind will not let me think about the challenges we are going to face, nor the fact that we are going into this with basically no training at all. We don’t even have bikes yet, but I decided that I want to do it, so I’m going to do it. 

For whatever reason, the crazier the action is, the less inclined I am to start second-guessing myself. I can’t just grab a jar of mustard at random; I have to scour each and every label at least 3 times, but I can easily jump into a crazy scheme like moving my life to Asia, or spending two months on a bicycle. It doesn’t make sense, but there it is.


Look out for more updates on our tour, and stay with us during our last two months in Taiwan. We are really going to try to make them count. 


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