Oh That Smell, Can’t You Smell That Smell

The first time I smelled durian I was in Vietnam. It is not a pleasant scent. People compare the smell to that of dirty diapers or porta-potties, yet it is an Asian treat.


Recently I was taking a train down the coast here in Taiwan, and this old lady busted out her bag of durian. The thing about the stink is that it’s pungent. It’s not that it smells; it’s that you can smell it from a mile away that makes it so offensive.

So if it smells so bad why is it so popular? Well, durian is a very healthful fruit; Durian contains more potassium than bananas, it has a wide range of minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. It is also a uniquely high source of b-complexes among fruits. Durian has a lot of dietary fiber and, having soft flesh, is easily digestible.


Ok, ok, ok. So the question you are all asking. How does it taste? Not bad. It’s sweet. It has a strange texture, but it isn’t nauseating once it reaches your mouth.

It is less stinky if you chill or even freeze it. If you are spending time in Asia or anywhere else that you come across some durian, give it a shot…but hold your breath.


8 thoughts on “Oh That Smell, Can’t You Smell That Smell

  1. My husband swore up and down that it’s good if you put it in the freezer “like ice cream.” Yeah, right. It smells like cheese and something from a diaper. As for nutritional benefits, I’m sure there’s other ways for me to get ’em (vitamins and minerals) in my body. So I’ll pass. More for everyone else. Whenever the in-laws used to snack on that stuff it made me want to run out of the house. But I usually just ran into my bedroom and tried to breathe through a duvet. Yucky stuff. Yer brave to try it!

    • I actually tried freezing it and I’d say that the stink wasn’t as bad, so a little easier to stomach. Mal told me you are from Oregon? It sure is a small world. Keep it real!

      • I have lived in Ashland and Portland. Ashland on and off for a total if 3 years or so and Pdx for about 5. I’ve attended Sou and graduated from Psu. I grew up in Connecticut, but my mom was born in Oregon. She lives in Vancouver “The ‘couve” Wa now. And here I am in Taipei. Did you guys go to Sou or are you from Talent originally?

    • Yea we both got our bachelors at SOU, but I grew up in Portland and Mal in Seattle. It’s too bad we didn’t meet sooner; we are leaving temporarily permanently in August. Well I hope you keep reading and following our travels, and drop us a line if you get state side any time soon!

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