Show Me a Sign!

Everyone has seen poorly worded signage. Although, living in a Chinese speaking country you are surrounded by poorly translated, strangely co-opted and awkwardly phrased signs, ads, and warnings.

I have seen so many that I haven’t taken pictures of for one reason or another but here are a few of my favorites.

ImageI don’t think I really need to tell you why this is funny.Image“WooHooo!!! Lets have some FUNG!!!”Image“Some one already used KFC…What about KLG?”ImageAll I can think is how awesome that flying baby is.ImageI don’t know, maybe it’s a PSA, like “look out for that shit!”ImageWhat a wholesome toy!ImageThe shamrock really ties this one together.ImageNothing like smelling of spam all day.

If you look online there are so many more hilarious signage mistakes and odd translations, but it really makes me think how bad our signs must be in the states or in Europe for that matter, that have been translated into Chinese, Korean, Japanese or really any other language other than our own native tongue.


The Hunger

The craving. That itch you can’t scratch. The insatiable hunger. What am I talking about? Getting a taste of home. When you get to a new country it is so fun to try all the new things around you, the variety of fresh flavors. I love food and I love eating. I’ve found some amazing cuisine since being in Taiwan. The thing is that who ever you are and where ever you’re from you probably get sick of the staples. After a while all the unique, exciting delicacies become the standard and you want something else. For me I crave western food.

So, for those of you who are in the same boat as me, here are some great places to check out in Yilan city.

Five Fish – This little pizzeria owned by a friendly Taiwanese family is great. They have a single wood fire oven and make delicious personal size pizzas. They are really affordable and you never have to wait. They make the pizzas with fresh ingredients right in front of you. Their menu is all in Chinese so bring your translation book or be ready to do a lot of gestures and pointing. In all seriousness they speak a little English and if you order a margherita they will know what you are saying. It is small and easy to miss, so keep your eyes open.


Rain City Grille – This is a good place to go get a burger and fries. It’s owned by a Canadian guy, who mostly works the kitchen, though, you will probably see him milling about. Their lunch menu is almost identical to their dinner menu, but about half the price; so go for lunch. Even for dinner though it’s pretty affordable. Besides burgers they have pizza, pasta and sandwiches.


Tavola – Another pizza joint! There ‘zas are pretty good and they have some really good salads (a rarity in Taiwan). They have a cool New York meets Italy meets Taiwan thing going on. Their pizzas are a little bigger than five fish and a little pricier, when I want a slice it’s always a coin toss between the two.


Mr. Balagov – Not quite American but still really tasty, Mr. B’s serves classic Ukrainian food. It is a little spendy but really good. His specialty is the sultan kebab, a foot and a half of barbequed lamb. It is amazing and a big undertaking for one person, so go with a friend.


Silks Lounge- if you are looking to impress a date thinks about this place. You should make a reservation because it fills up especially on the weekend. Silks is much classier than the other places mentioned and a lot more expensive, but worth it if you can foot the bill.

These are some of my favorite places to go eat some familiar food and take a load off. I’m sure there are others and as I find them I’ll be sure to share. If you know of any good places please leave a comment and if you like this post please follow our blog. Keep an eye out for more cool things to do around Yilan and Taiwan.